how you can install PUBG MOBILE in pc

Today I'm gonna tell you how you can install PUBG MOBILE 

in the new pc

GameLoop Emulator by just copy pasting the apk and obb file so without wasting any time let's get started [intro] at first you have to collect the apk and obb file of PUBG MOBILE latest version.

How can get

 you can get these files from your  friends via SHAREit if they already download it or if you already downloaded in your mobile phone then simply connect your mobile phone via data cable and copy this two files simple or if you want to download from your PC now.

then go to your favorite browser and go to play store [Music] and here search for PUBG MOBILE [Music] here you can see our PUBG MOBILE is here click on it [Music] then copy this link then go to [Music] after that click on this apk downloader then here paste the link and then click on download here you can see our apk and obb file 

download link is here to download these files first click on this apk link and notice that there is two links remember that you have to download these files from 

APKCombo server do not download this from original server otherwise it will not work you have to download from this APKCombo server click on this link and it will start downloading so I have already 

downloaded this so let me cancel this in the same way  download the obb file here you can see this is the original server link and this is the APKCombo server link so you have to download this one do not download this one you have to download this file then click here it will start 

downloading so let me cancel this because I have already downloaded this two files now go to to download GameLoop emulator then click this download button to download the 

GameLoop emulator then install this ok, here click on the customize button here you can see the path where the GameLoop will install here we can see my default path is on the D:\ drive but if you want to install this in another drive like C:\ Drive or any other drive then you can 

simply edit this, okay so, I'll install this on my D:\ drive so I am typing D and click on install so it may take a couple of minutes [Music] after the installation complete, click on this start button here we can see our GameLoop emulator and it will start to 

download the turbo engine so wait for this download and install [Music]  after the engine is downloaded then go to this three dot menu and go to diagnosis here is our diagnosis tool then close this ok now go to your file manager then open this is SD location in my case it is located in 

D:\Temp\TxGameDownload\MobileGamePCShared so I'm going to my SD location path in my case it is D:\ , so I'm going to D:\ then temp here is the temp folder then TxGameDownload and then MobileGamePCShared this folder now here let me make a new folder let me 

name this pubg mobile  now copy this two files apk and obb file and paste it into this folder [Music] after that go to your My PC again then open your emulator path in my case, it is D:\program files\txgameassistant\ui so I'm going to my emulator path first D:\ then program files program files txgameassistant and from here ui ok close this one ok now in this folder you can find this 

AndroidEmulator.exe just double click to open this [Music] ok press F9 to see that default apps of emulator then go to that browser search for RAR file manager RAR and we'll download this form apkpure type apkpure then search then download this RAR latest version it will start downloading download starting file is downloaded,

 now install this click install after installation complete open this now press this up icon three times 1 2 3 then search here for data folder here data click here then search for share1 yes, here it is here you can see the pubg mobile folder go to this folder here is the apk and obb file now install the apk file install done then copy 

the obb file then click on the three dot menu and go to devise storage go to Android folder then make a new folder and name this obb go to obb here make another new folder and name this  com.tencent.ig now go to this folder and paste the obb file [Music] then go back and first time you have to launch the game from here it's important so click here to 

launch the game and click OK [Music] now close the emulator now you don't need to come to this folder  again and again to run the AndroidEmulator from here you can simply run it from your desktop shortcut icon double-click to open this then go to my games as you can see in the installed list here is our PUBG MOBILE and here is the play button then click on the play 

button to run the game [Music] now as you can see the game is running properly you can also install many other games listed in this list like Call of Duty Mobile Free Fire, Clash of Clan  Clash Royals, Mobile Legends and many other games in the same process that .

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