how to start blogging with perfect way

how to start blogging

how to start blogging: I will tell you today how to start your blogging life. Before that I will say blogging is a platform from where you can make your dreams come true and earn unlimited money.

how to start blogging / and earn money

There are 3 things you need to do to start blogging first:

  • perfect niche

  • seo friendly article

  • backlinks

ferfect nish with to start blogging

ferfect niche with to start blogging is the reason you know it well. You can write a good article about the niche you know about it and you can do SEO in a good way. And plagresam will be free

how to start blogging with seo friendly articale

If seo friendly articale, it will be easy to rank your article. If your article is ranked, more visitors will come and your income will be better.

why back link importend start in blogging

It will not be easy to rank an article without a back link.When making the back link, you must look at the high DA PA and look at its spam score 1%

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